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Welcome to SoLO. SoLO’s services are delivered by highly skilled and professional people leading to a reputation of being the best provider. Offering Adult and Children’s services of the highest standards our organisation provides the widest range of support. Each one of our Projects is specially designed to add value to the lives of individuals with learning disabilities.

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What an honour!

What an honour…. to share that Janet Down CEO of SoLO Life Opportunities has been awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.  The MBE is awarded for an outstanding achievement or service to the community. This will have had a long-term, significant impact and stand out as an example to others.  This absolutely sums up what Janet has done for SoLO and its members over the last 17 years. Janet has been a pivotal part of the growth of SoLO from a “kitchen table” charity in the beginning to a charity which now offers so much to its members.  Her leadership and her enthusiasm have been a shining example to so many together with her desire to provide quality experiences and fun for its members, despite many challenges along the way. On behalf of SoLO members, parents, carers and staff many congratulations Janet and we’re so pleased that your many achievements and deep commitment to support the lives of people with Learning Disabilities has been recognised in such a way.  We celebrate your honour  mindful that with the recent sad loss of your Dad, someone so special to you, is unable to celebrate with us, but we know MBE or no MBE he was a very proud Dad and rightly so.   Jan Chair of... read more

SoLO’s values

In these turbulent There has never been a more appropriate time to review the values that underpin the work of SoLO.  We have worked with our staff and trustees over the past six months and have agreed that the following reflects the ‘Way we do things around here’ Safe services are fully risk assessed, using appropriate equipment and resources staff act with professionalism and are vigilant at all times venues and environments are fit for purpose Trusted positive relationships are evidenced delivers on promises reliable, prompt and response staff who are honest in all their dealings Adaptable fun activities, fully inclusive and person centred staff who listen and respond to the needs of every individual appropriate and creative resources are used Resilient responds to change, maintaining focus on aims and objectives learns from mistakes keeps the needs of its members at the heart of all it does All the above are designed to ensure that what our members, volunteers and staff experience is: Quality: services offer good value for money staff who go the extra mile to consistently ensure high standards solo members achieve positive outcome Want to remember SoLO’s values? think Quality... read more

A Solo Volunteers leaving thoughts…………

“Thank you so much for your time and thanks to the other workers / volunteers who have made me feel so welcome.  Also a massive thanks to the members who have given me so much.  I am not sure where I learnt the most or gained the most experience, my course or with you guys.  But without this experience I would not be in the position I am to carry on. SOLO and its members will remain with me and I dearly hope I can return at a later date. I wish you all the very best for the future. Thanks for...

Partnership working

Delighted to be able to report that we are just setting up a community partnership with the Shirley Branch of the Coventry Building Society which is very exciting news!  We  look forward to working with them over the next year – launching on 26th June!   Votes and tokens are coming in at the Dorridge Branch of Sainsburys.  SoLO is one of three charities in the running for the coming year.  We have been very lucky to be partnering with Sainsburys this past year and are in with another chance for another opportunity! Either vote in store with the green tokens – or go to their website:     www.sainsburyslocalcharity.co.uk   We are also in the running for a possible link with TSB who will be launching their charity of the year scheme in September.  You can help by voting for SoLO on the link below – it all helps! https://www.facebook.com/TSBbankUK/videos/1969565039940669/   We are most grateful for these links – which all help to foster the community spirit which we all value.  ...

What you can expect with SoLO


With a plan in place and needs assessed, the next question is what is there to do?  At SoLO we recognise that one size does not fit all and we offer a menu of activities to suit all preferences ensuring that the right amount of support is in place. Enough to keep the member safe, but not too much to take away their independence.

Key Life Skills

At SoLO it is all about outcomes.  Having a lovely time with friends is great, but how much better is having a lovely time that helps to keep those friends, develop relationships, build confidence, increase self-esteem and provide a platform for learning.  All SoLO services are measured by the added value their provide for the member.


We all need friends and the SoLO activity programme gives an ideal opportunity for its members to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.  It doesn’t matter what level of disability someone has, everyone has the ability to have a friend and be a friend – we just provide the opportunity to make it happen.


Everyone needs to plan and it is exciting to do so.  At SoLO we help our members plan their future in interactive ways, using person centred planning tools that ensure they lead the process and, why shouldn’t they, it is their future after all!

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SoLO operates a wide range of projects and activities to cater for different age groups and different levels of ability.

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Several times a year we hold amazing events for our members and to raise funds. Everyone at SoLO gets involved and helps.

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The SoLO Voice board is your voice within SoLO.
The Voice Group helps us to provide the best service for all our members.

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Volunteer support saves our charity a staggering £230,000 each year and volunteers contribute over 18,000 hours of support.

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SoLO Testimonials

Philip Shelton

“I love being a member of Daylight – it is really good.  I love to help out. Every day we do something different, today we went bowling and I had a great time. I love helping the staff and planning what I do myself.  If I didn’t go to Daylight I don’t know what I would do!”

SoLO Volunteer Russell Williams

“I love being a volunteer for SoLO, it has made me feel so proud of myself and since SoLO accepted me to be a volunteer it has changed my life because I make decisions that help to change people’s lives. Being disabled myself, I enjoy helping other disabled people and enjoy doing all the activities as much as they do. I volunteer on two weekday projects, Night Owl and Waterloo. Sometime I volunteer by helping the fundraising teams on different events. If you are thinking of becoming a SoLO volunteer, it will change your life and the people you support. To SoLO`s members you will become a teacher, role model, protector and friend.”

Sandra Ballard

“When my son, who is severely disabled, returned from college, he was very depressed, because, as a young man, he needed to be independent. SoLO has enabled him to use his individual budget for a Personal Assistant who I am confident is well trained, supported and appropriate. Marcus is so much happier now. He can tailor the support he gets to suit his own individuality and seeing him take control of his life shows me how successful he will be when he eventually decides to leave home.  I cannot speak too highly of SoLO”.

Meet some of the SoLO team

Hello I’m Jan Prior.  My life is both enriched and challenged by having a son with special needs. As Chair I bring my experience and skills to shape and lead SoLO. I am supported by a great team of volunteers and staff who add sparkle to all that SoLO offers to enhance our members’ lives. Jan Prior

Chair of SoLO

My name is Janet Down, I am the CEO of SoLO, have been here for 14 years and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. It is a privilege to serve the members of SoLO who constantly inspire me. My aim is always to provide them the level of service that they deserve. Janet Down


I am Deb Jones, Manager of Children’s Services at SoLO. I have been in this role since April 2009 and can honestly say it is the most rewarding and enjoyable job I have ever done.
It is also the busiest and most exhausting -there are never enough hours in the day!

Deb Jones

Children’s Services Manager

Hi I am Paula Burnham and I am the Adults Services Manager.  I oversee all of the activities that SoLO provides for the 18+ age group and I also manage the Personal Assistant service.  SoLO is a vibrant and energetic organisation where the staff have nearly as much fun as our members!!!

Paula Burnham

Adults Services Manager

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