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I am reflecting on an amazingly busy week and would like to pay tribute to the amazing staff and volunteers that we have within the organisation:

Firstly – yet again the children’s team have run a wonderful mix of activities for children with a learning disability, benefitting their parents with much needed respite.  The reports that I am getting back have been great and it is clear that everyone has worked really hard to make sure that the schemes are run well.  In the absence of our Childrens Manager (hope you get better soon Deb!) I have been really impressed with the very effective way that the team in the office have managed the various different aspects of the scheme.  The scheme ‘bible’ has worked so well and kept everyone in the loop enabling all to be able to deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.  I have also been heartened to see how everyone has pulled together to support the activities for children during the week.

Secondly – the Plan4U team must be commended for the feedback that has filtered through to the strategic leads with Solihull Council.  It gave me so much pleasure to sit in an office with one of the Directors and hear that the work that the Plan4U team are undertaking within the borough is “Amazing”.  I have always known that they are amazing, but it is so good to have independent validation of that fact.

Finally – we have some exciting news about recognition of the Daylight Project – but my lips are sealed!  Hopefully, I can tell you more next week.

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