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11666229 777845952335832 8860624499294404628 nWhat is different about Daylight?  This a challenge that I get when people are looking for meaningful day time activities for their young people.  What makes Daylight any different from an ordinary day centre experience.  Well, where do I start?

Firstly, Daylight is member led.  This means that the programme of activities is directed by the members building on their own experiences with staff encouraging them to try new things and then once evaluated they determine if they want to do them again.

Secondly, Daylight is differentiated.  There is a true recognition that not everyone wants to do the same things at the same time, so the programmes are designed that there are always options available and the members can make their own choices.

Thirdly, it is all about independence.  All members are enabled to do things for themselves, however small, and take responsibility.  This leads to heightened self esteem, increased confidence and better life chances.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the guys at the Fire Station.  It was a ‘chilled day’, but there was activity happening in every corner.  Some of the guys were shopping for vegetables, some were preparing the dinner, others were making drinks for their friends, some were playing a group game of bowls.  There was natural banter across the room and a positive atmosphere.  Friendships were being developed.  A number of the group had elected to go out for the day on a narrowboat.

At present, Daylight runs for 2 days a week at the Fire Station and 2 at Walnut Close.  Our vision is for both to run for 7 days, enabling more people with a learning disability to have a positive experience and enjoy life.

If you are interested in finding out more about Daylight – contact Nigel at the office.

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