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SoLO’s Board of Trustees

Jan Prior
Jan Prior

Chairperson – Involved since 2006


Personal knowledge of disability (parent)
Interesting Fact
Jan Prior
Sue Stocks

Trustee – Involved since 2011



Governance Business knowledge (Senior Manager)

Interesting Fact

Sue was once the witch in a pantomime

Jan Prior
Andrew Gilyead

Trustee – Involved since 2014



Business leadership skills with Director level experience in the charity and legal sectors.

Interesting Fact

An avid music fan who still plays vinyl in a digital age.

Scott Embley

Representative For SoLO Voice



Voice Ambassador

Interesting Fact

I can talk in front of 100 or 1000 people without betting nervous


Paul Beech

Trustee – Involved since 2000



Over 30 years experience in youth work and have managed projects working with young people with learning disabilities.

Interesting Fact

I’m a season ticket holder at Stoke City.

Liz Williams

Trustee – Involved since 2017



I am a parent of an adult with learning and physical disabilities. Much of the last 20 years I have worked in the voluntary sector, supporting other parents and carers and working closely with statutory services.

Interesting Fact

I built my own canoe and it’s called Lightening Lizzie

Jon Prior

Trustee – Involved since 2006



I am an experienced ‘big four’ trained chartered accountant with over 15 years of board level involvement in a number of industrial sectors. For the last 8 years I have provided financial support and general commercial advice to a small number of companies on a flexible, part-time basis.

Interesting Fact

I am to DIY what Donald Trump is to diplomacy.

Henry Griffiths

Trustee – Involved since 2018



ICT Director running global teams. Specialist skills in ERP and Retail.

Interesting Fact

I once wrote an artificial intelligence chess playing game that broke the touring knight record at university.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Christmas Greetings

This will be my last blog as the CEO of SoLO as I retire at the end of the month.  Each year, for probably the past 15 years, I have inflicted one of my dreadful poems onto my staff at Christmas.  This year I have asked a much more gifted Poet, Joe Down, to craft a...

Fundraising in the Community

SoLO and Co-op Shelly Farm say a huge thank you to generous Co-op members and customers who have supported SoLO over the year to the tune of the grand total of £2,848.54.  Maria and Scott visited the store recently to accept the presentation cheque from the Co-op...

Festive Fun

The fun you can have in SoLO!  Today I was delighted to join Lion Paul Wheatley and Paula Evans from Sepsis Trust to kick start this year's Festive Walk which will be held on Thursday 27th December at Baddesley Clinton.  Come and walk off the Christmas pud and bring...

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