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Commitment To Training


Welcome to our training page. My name is Vicki Horton and I am the Training Manager. Solo Life Opportunities is committed to training  all its staff and volunteers and  providing a quality training service to other organisations.


Our approach to training staff and volunteers also extends to the training services we provide at very competitive rates. Our disability training team is unique in that the training is delivered by people with learning disabilities and therefore real life experience of the issues faced.


Read on for more information of the wide range of training we offer.

Training Opportunities

SoLO is offering training opportunities for staff and volunteers and also external candidates. If you do not work for SoLO but would like to take part in our training, the cost is £25 per session.


Staff & Volunteer Training

All of our staff and volunteers are offered training in areas such as:

  • First aid
  • Health and safety
  • Epilepsy
  • Working with vulnerable people
  • Augmented Signing Communication

In many cases, the training is mandatory.

Augmented Signing Communication

This course covers some basic signing to enable our paid workers and volunteers to communicate with those who have little or no communication. It is a fun, interactive course that lasts about 2 hours and is delivered by an external trainer with experience of working with children with learning disabilities.

Introduction to SoLO/Disability Awareness/Safeguarding

This is for all new workers and volunteers who have joined us in the last 6 – 12 months. It gives an overview of the organisation, covers some essential information on health and safety, payment of expenses, and gives participants the opportunity to ask questions (always useful!) Full Day Course.

Our next Induction Training session takes place on Saturday 12th July, places can be booked by phone 0121-779-3865 or by e.mail v.horton@solihullsolo.org.

Crisis Prevention Intervention Training

This is a two day course specifically for staff who work on the schemes for children and adults with challenging behaviour.

Holiday Activity Training Days

These are mandatory two days at the beginning of the Summer Schemes for all staff and volunteers working across the SoLO Activity Days.

To find out more please call Vicki Horton on 0121 779 3865 or email me on v.horton@solihullsolo.org

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